Interview with US Ambassador to Nepal Moriarty

US Ambassador James Moriarty spoke to Nepali Times on Wednesday on a wide range of issues, including his wish that the king and the parties get over their differences in order to face the bigger threat of Maoism. (full interview)

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When A Family’s Future Is On the Line

Sally Acharya, in the Washington Post There’s been a bomb blast in my family’s village. My husband gets the phone call, and I try to fit this latest news into my image of the thatch-roofed hamlet in Nepal where I danced with my mother-in-law during a Hindu women’s festival seven

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US Keeps Military Aid on Hold

Kathmandu, May 11 : The US will continue its suspension of aid to Nepal’s army till political detainees are released and civil liberties restored, senior American official Christina Rocca said at the end of her visit Wednesday. (details)

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Wash Post Story on Upcoming DC Protest

By Nora Boustany, (Washington, May 11, 2005) — Nepalese from across the United States will gather at LaFayette Square at noon Sunday to protest their monarch’s revocation of democracy, press freedom and human rights. The gathering comes as many foreign governments are losing patience with King Gyanendra and his harsh

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US to Decide on Military Aid this Month

U.S. ambassador to Nepal James Moriarty told a public forum in Washington recently that the United States would decide by the end of May on further military assistance to Nepal, which is fighting a bloody communist insurgency. Agence France Presse article.

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