Himalayan Healers needs help

Himalayan Healers is a new group that works with students from the Dalit or “Untouchable” castes to become quality massage therapists and healers (Ayurvedic and Tibetan massage techniques, plus whatever traditions we can discover that are distinctly “Nepali”) and help them to find jobs at safe, positive, quality locations overseas.

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Krishna Pahadi to Speak in Queens, 11/6

Pahadi is a leading member of the Citizens’ Movement for Democracy and Peace in Nepal and founder of Amnesty International, Nepal. In addition to his talk, there will be several videos. Satya Narayan mandir, 2nd Floor, 75-15 Woodside Avenue, Elmhurst, NY 11373 11/6 at 5 pm Q’s? Anil, 917-670-1057

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Human Rights Activist Krishna Pahadi to Speak in DC area

DATE:       November 19, 2005 (Saturday) Time:       1:00 – 4 pm VENUE:   Arlington Central Public Library (near Ballston Metro, 1015 North Quincy Street, Arlington VA 22201)                         Telephone: 703-228-5990

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Seven US Congressmen Urge Rice to take action

Seven US Congress men on October 28, 2005 urged Secretary Condolezza Rice to take a leadership role in devising a high level, multi-pronged, and collaborative action to resolve Nepal’s violence. They expressed their concern toward deteorirating civil liberaties and political freedom in Nepal and have asked Secretary Rice to pursuade

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US aid to Nepal would be menace: Moriarty

US ambassador to Nepal James F Moriarty on Thursday said that US aid to Nepal would be dangerous, as it would weaken the mainstream political parties and empower the king, The Kathmandu Post daily reported Friday. For the full story, click here. 

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International Crisis Group Report

"Nepal’s Maoists: Their Aims, Structure and Strategy" Summary:  Despite the Maoist rebels’ brutality and violence, there can be no resolution of Nepal’s conflict without understanding them, confronting their strengths and tackling their political agenda. Through both force of arms and force of ideas, they have emerged as a formidable political

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