Senator Feingold meeting in WI

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold will be holding a public “listen session” in our county on Friday April 1st. The meeting is open to the public and a good opportunity for a large group of us to meet the Senator and share our concerns and views with him. The meeting is

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Peace Initiative Re-Activating

A core group on RPCVs has been active as a subcommittee of Friends of Nepal for the past year. The “Peace Initiative” Comittee had some significant accomplishments in the first several months then ran into a wall and the members remained only loosely affiliated over the past 3-5 months. The

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Int’l Crises Group Report

INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP – NEW REPORTS Nepal: Dealing with a Human Rights Crisis The International Crises Group has some very analytical and objective reports on the situation in Nepal. If you want a comprehensive analysis checkout this resource.

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Community Forestry

Having had over 6 years working in development in Nepal with PC and UNDP there are two areas where I think FON could have the most impact, 1) The national (decentralized) Community Forestry development program of the Forestry Dept which is having considerable success throughout the hills with the support

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PCN Staff Fund Update

Thanks to the generosity of over 100 RPCVs we raised over $8,000 in November and December 2004 for the PCN Nepali Staff. They have formed a committee and recently had a meeting with 45 attendees to discuss how to use the fund. They have decided to form an organization and

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Organizing for Nepal

There are quite a few initiatives underway by Nepal RPCVs and others who care about Nepal. There has been discussion and some random mobilization in terms of lobbying congress to support democracy in Nepal, restricting military aid, organizing teach-ins and seminars, etc. In the coming months we will have several

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