Friends of Nepal is currently focusing all its efforts on earthquake relief. If you would like to donate, we would greatly appreciate your support. Your donation will be used to provide for basic human needs such as medical care, shelter and food. At an appropriate time the organization will switch its efforts to rebuilding.

Please share this link with others who may consider making a donation:

Check payments can be mailed to:
Friends of Nepal
c/o Suzie Schneider
181 Mary Jo Lane
Sequim, WA 98382

30 Jun

You know who loves chhurpi? Dogs!

I thought it was plastic, the first time someone gave me chhurpi, the hard, non-perishable cheese that people in the hills chewed for days on end. Now, three Nepali entrepreneurs have started a business making dog chews from chhurpi. Watch a snippet of their appearance on Shark Tank here

15 Jun

Congratulations to Newest Peace Corps-Nepal Volunteers!

Twenty-four Peace Corps Volunteers were sworn in on June 10th to start their two years’ service. They will be posted to five districts in western Nepal. More info here. Welcome to our newest volunteers!

07 Jun

Pick of the Week: Newlywed website

A website and app for Nepali newlyweds with information about contraception and sexual health smuggled in amongst more banal information about bridal wear and catering was launched in April. The website was the brainchild of Marie Stopes International, a family planning organization.

28 Jan

Friends of Nepal Board Nominations

Friends of Nepal is accepting nominations for all board positions through February 6, 2016. One must be a member of FON to make a nomination, and also must be a member to be placed on the ballot. A member is defined as any individual who is a dues paying member. If you have made a donation within the past year of $15 or more your membership is considered active. Current nominees are listed here.

The following positions are open for nomination, each for a 2-year term: President, Treasurer, Secretary and five at-large positions. Each board member has a role, based on the board’s current needs and the skillsets of those elected. The board sets organizational policy and vision, and plays an active role in fundraising, grants management and communication with our membership. The time commitment ranges from approximately 1-5 hours per month and the board is encouraging nominations to bring new ideas and energy.

To make a nomination, please submit the following information to Tamara at Self-nomination is acceptable.

  • Your name
  • Name of the person you are nominating
  • Position you are nominating for

Voting will take place electronically between February 8 and February 15.


27 Jan

Nepal RPCV Launches Kickstarter to Support Biodiversity in Nepal

RPCV Rajeev Goyal (N-193) has launched a kickstarter to fund a biodiversity project in Nepal. He is aiming to raise $100,000 to fund KTK-BELT ( They have 27 days left to raise the amount, and if they don’t make it, all funds will be returned to the donors. Rajeev has been deeply involved in development projects in Nepal since he COS’d in 2003. Click here for more information and to donate.

20 Jan

RPCV Uses Photos of Nepal to Fundraise for Earthquake Relief

RPCV Luke Golobitsh put together old photographs from his years in Peace Corps-Nepal to organize a fundraiser for earthquake victims. The photographs in the show, titled “Nepal Remembered, 1975-1978″, are not available for sale, but appreciative viewers can obtain a print if they donate to Nepal earthquake relief. Read more here.

20 Jan

FoN Funds Used to Provide Shelter to Thousands of Earthquake Victims

Soon after the earthquake last spring, Friends of Nepal donated $6000 to the Nepali NGO Phul Maya for emergency earthquake relief. They have recently contacted us to tell us how they used our donation.

In the immediate aftermath of the quake, Phul Maya distributed tarps in mountain villages badly damaged by the quake. Most of the families were Tamang and Magar subsistence farmers. Aid was slow in reaching these villages because the roads, difficult to traverse at any time, were badly damaged by the quake. 

Phul Maya located high-quality tarps in India and Thailand and shipped them to Nepal. In each village, small teams of local people were appointed to organize a fair distribution. To avoid fraud, every tarp recipient had to register and sign a receipt.
Phul Maya distributed 18,330 tarps and 450 solar lamps (using funding from both Friends of Nepal and other sources). Each tarp was enough for 10 people, so their eamergency tarp distribution program provided shelter for over 180,000 people. 
15 Dec

Friends of Nepal Board Elections Coming Up

Friends of Nepal will be holding Board elections in January. Each Board Member is elected to a two-year term. The positions, and the person who currently holds them, are listed below. Board membership is open to all members of Friends of Nepal and the National Peace Corps Association. If you are interested in running, please submit a 200-word biography detailing your background, your motivation for joining the Board, and your contributions to Friends of Nepal and/or the country of Nepal to Bios of the current candidates are available here.


29 Oct

Call for Applications for Earthquake Relief Projects

Friends of Nepal (FoN) is opening its application period for the final round of earthquake relief funding. Up to $15,000 is available for projects that have a large impact in areas directly affected by the May 2015 quake. Funds are not available for general program support. Proposals that address health/sanitation, education, livelihoods, and redevelopment are encouraged. Applicants must be sponsored by a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) from Nepal. The proposal must be submitted jointly with a signed cover letter from the RPCV and the organization’s executive or board chair. 
FoN is accepting two-page proposals until 9 November 2015 that address the application review criteria below. Please include a short paragraph about your organization and its track record in project development in Nepal, and a project budget. If other funding sources have committed financial support, please mention that in your narrative.
Review Criteria:
  1. Direct and positive impact on Nepali people
  2. Contribution and support from local community
  3. Project details
  4. Potential to expand or replicate project in other communities
  5. Prior experience or competency in project development
FoN expects to receive several qualified applications and may choose to fund several projects at partial levels. If your project can be successful with partial funding from FoN, please detail which components of the project would receive FoN funding. 
If you have questions or wish to run an idea by us prior to submitting an application, you can reach us at
Thank you for all you do for Nepal. We look forward to hearing from you.

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