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25 Feb

Pick of the Week: Traditional Caravans

The government of Nepal plans to build a road through Humla, making the remote region more accessible and probably promoting development. A good thing, right? Well, yes…although maybe not for everyone. This article describes the unfortunate downside of this road for traditional traders.

20 Feb

Peace Corps Week: March 1-7

Just a reminder that Peace Corps Week is fast approaching! It’ll be held March 1 through 7, and the theme this year is Host Country Heroes. Who did you know in Nepal who is your hero? Who is doing great work that the world should know about? Post your comments here or on the Peace Corps Nepal Facebook page.

26 Jan

Pick of the Week: Bhutanese Refugees in Ohio

The pick this week comes from the Columbus Dispatch, which featured ethnic Nepalese refugees and their adjustment to Ohio.

21 Jan

Pick of the Week: Brawl in the Nepalese Parliament

The pick this week is nothing to be proud of: a video of Nepalese politicians brawling. The country has been without a constitution since 2006, and the latest deadline for producing a draft is Thursday. Some Maoists objected vigorously to the latest draft, resulting in the events in the video above.

13 Jan

Pick of the Week: Fake Orphanages

Weena Pun of the Kathmandu Post published an expose of fake orphanages in Kathmandu which exploit children to draw in foreign tourists and their money. It is a reminder that volun-tourism may not always be in the best interest of the local people.

13 Jan

National PC Day of Action: March 5

In just about six weeks, the National Peace Corps Association will be hosting its 11th annual Day of Action. Those of you close to Washington are invited to attend meetings in congressional offices. Those farther away could host your own Day of Action activities in support of Peace Corps. For more information, contact advocacy@peacecorpsconnect.org

05 Jan

Pick of the week: Nepali kids doing great things

Happy New Year! I have two picks this week, both about Nepali young people. One is the story of a teenage refugee who was selected to help drop the ball in Times Square on New Year’s eve. The other is about young Nepalese making public art in Kathmandu.Both worth reading!

29 Dec

Pick of the Week: Religious Freedom

A recent kerfuffle between the British ambassador and the government of Nepal highlights the sensitive nature of the issues of religious conversion and religious freedom in Nepal. This article in the New York Times lends some context to the issue; although it is about India, many of the issues are the same in Nepal.

22 Dec

December 2014 Newsletter Now Available!

The December 2014 Friends of Nepal newsletter is available here. In it, we have a letter from current country director Nelson Chase, thoughts on COS’ing from a newly Returned PCV, and a profile of John Skow, N-28, a founder of the Himalayan Rescue Association.

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