International Crisis Group Report

"Nepal’s Maoists: Their Aims, Structure and Strategy"

Summary:  Despite the Maoist rebels’ brutality and violence, there can be no
resolution of Nepal’s conflict without understanding them, confronting
their strengths and tackling their political agenda. Through both
force of arms and force of ideas, they have emerged as a formidable
political organisation, which will not be easily displaced. The
unilateral three-month ceasefire they announced in September is
welcome, though temporary and conditional. Now they will have to work
hard to convince mainstream parties they can abandon their violent
repression. The government’s refusal to reciprocate the ceasefire,
however, encourages renewed conflict. There are encouraging signs that
serious negotiations are possible, but the Maoists will rejoin
mainstream politics only if they see sufficient advantages and are
convinced they will not make greater gains by other means.