Peace Brigades Int’l Looking for Volunteers

In July, PBI Nepal wrapped up a program of Security Workshops (from PBI BEO’s Mainstreaming Protection Program) and follow up field visits from former PBI field team volunteers Jenny Brav (Indonesia) and Andrew Miller (Colombia).


In 2006 we will continue the Mainstreaming Protection Program and begin a permanent presence. We are planning to send an initial field team to Kathmandu before the end of this year to lay the ground work, undertake our legal registration and build on our previous networking.


While we eventually intend for our team members to communicate in Nepali, once we are established, in this start-up phase, we are planning to pair a team member with previous PBI experience who is fluent in English and a team member with previous Nepal experience, including Nepali language competency.


Therefore, we are recruiting for Field Volunteers from the alumni of PBI projects AND people who have previous Nepal experience and Nepali language.


We kindly ask you to forward this call for field volunteers to those who fit the requirements.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you at anytime.




Jenny Brav, Andrew Miller, Cecile Mouly

PBI-Nepal HR and Training Committee

Peter Leblanc, Nepal Project Coordinator

PBI Nepal Recruiting for Field Teams in Nepal





As Nepal’s 10-year armed conflict deteriorates, Peace Brigades International will be deploying an international presence for the protection of civilian peacemaking and human rights initiatives. Nepal’s “democratic middle” – including nongovernmental and community based organizations, the media, and political parties – is being squeezed between an expanding Maoist insurgency and government-sponsored repression.  PBI is contributing its unique expertise to provide a safe space in which Nepali civil society actors can work to nonviolently transform the armed conflict and enhance their security management capacities.


Since August of 2004, PBI has sent three exploratory and training missions to Nepal.  We plan to field a small team of volunteers starting in the 4th quarter of 2005 to lay the groundwork for an expanded presence in 2006.   Individuals interested in serving on these initial field teams should consider attending our upcoming training.



  • 21-26 November, 2005



  • The Centre for Education and Networking in Nonviolent Action in Wustrow, Germany.



We will be giving strong preference to applicants who have either

1)  previous PBI team experience or

2)  Nepal field experience, with existing Nepali language skills (spoken and written) highly desirable. 


  • Age minimum: 25 years

·        Language skills: Excellent English skills (both spoken and written) for all volunteers.  For volunteers with prior Nepal experience: conversational Nepali (written Nepali preferable). For previous PBI field volunteers: a willingness to learn some Nepali, though time to do so will be limited for the first teams.

  • Time commitment: From 8 months, including 2-3 months outside of Nepal participating in advocacy efforts.
  • Nationality:  All non-Nepali citizens who meet the above requirements are eligible to apply. We are committed to diversity and encourage candidates from the global south.  Given PBI’s methodology, our projects cannot accept nationals from the country in which they are operating. Nepali citizens are eligible to apply to other PBI field projects.


As our presence is firmly established in Nepal, we will be able to accept a broader range of candidates, including those willing to learn Nepali before being posted to Nepal.


Desirable background (beyond previous PBI or Nepal field experience)

  • Group living in modest conditions
  • Consensus decision-making
  • Human rights, peace, and conflict transformation experience



Field volunteers will receive:

  • Subsidized language school
  • Travel to Nepal
  • In-country living and work-related expenses, including health insurance and modest monthly stipend.
  • Modest monthly stipend and work-related expenses for post-field advocacy work.
  • Resettlement grant at end of field service


Field volunteers are asked to provide:

  • Travel costs to training. (Limited subsidies available)


To apply, please send your CV to  You will then receive an application and referee form, which should be submitted by 30 October, 2005.  We will interview select candidates over the phone and invite top applicants to the training. 


Participation in the training, which is an integral part of our volunteer selection process, does not guarantee an invitation to join the field team.