Video for Bhutanese Volunteers

Anyone helping Bhutanese refugees in any manner should watch the 25
minute video at:

The video is a very honest and moving portrayal of the situation faced
by some of the Bhutanese who have been resettled in the Bronx, NYC. It
was made by 2 graduate students at the Columbia School of Journalism.
The content and the production qualities are outstanding.

One of the people interviewed in the video is TP Mishra who came from
the camps recently. He is an editor of Bhutan News Service and has his
own personal website of very high quality with some interesting videos
as well as a PDF version of his book “Becoming a Journalist in Exile.”

I have been in touch with TP recently and will be advertising the Nepali
dictionary on his website and maybe Bhutan News Service’s website as
well. If nothing else it will give him a little income toward what is
currently completely volunteer work on his part – journalism and
documenting the refugees’ lives.

Please check out both websites. The movie is very important.

Doug Hall