Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Update

Hello to everyone interested in Bhutanese resettlement in the US,

The IOM now indicates that 17,612 refugees have been resettled in the
US. See this:

By the way, you should check out the APFA news to get some news of the
camps. Note that one of the Bhutanese camp leaders, K. B. Khadka, was
killed a short time ago and that threats are now being made against the
lives of other leaders and their families.

Also, for older Bhutanese who are not able to read English or Nepali
news, this site has podcasts regarding the camps. This one relates the
flood during Teej:

Bhutanese refugees continue to flow into central New Hampshire. We now
have somewhere over 700.

The local Nepali community here is organizing a Dashain party on
September 26 at a rented hall in Concord, NH. Last year over 200 Nepalis
attended but only a handful of the Bhutanese. The entry fee of
$25/person is just too high for the refugees – $125 for a family of 5.
It is also too much for volunteers to contribute to help the families.

Doug Hall

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