Update from Indra Dai

Here are the latest updates I have received from Indra …  — Aaron

Hope every thing is fine with U. Last week I came to KTM and going back to Bharatpur for taking last cycle(if not added more) after 2days. i think my treatment is going smoothly.Friends of Nepal has made smooth. if not it would not be possible. The process of the treatment is terrible. Chemo therapy is still terrible. These days I am feeling much better. I am gainning my weight and getting energy back though there is bit pain in the chest and stomach arounds. Dr. says it is the effect of chemo. May soon I am going to have next health assisment. I will let U know the result. Thanks a lot for helping in my treatment. Pls. let all the frioends my current health status and my heartfelt gratitude to them. Rest of the thing is fine. Thank U.

I am very much greatful to Uand friends of Nepal.Now I am much better. My last chemo begins from the coming thursday. Hope every thing will go fine.I will let U know my health ststus once the total physical will be done. I ak very thankful to all the friends and friends of nepal who made possible my treatment. Now I do have hope that I will survive. Not that much now. More in the next. Thank U