Indra Dai Update

Just got this from Indra Dai.

Thank U very much for the mail.Glad hearing from u. Hope U R doing well. I,m O k. Sometimes I feel I,m quite fine some times fell frustrating, ups and down. Recently i do have very low blood pressure it is 80/60 but next day it goes up like 120/80.
Overall i,m O K.treatment is going fine. My Dr. is very sincer and cooperative.He communicates through E-mail daily if necessary. I need to complite 6 cycles of chemo and have to have Ct scan So all depends on this test, According to my Dr.If the mass is in the same amount even after the 2nd line treatment he will plan for thied line treatment which would be more expensive then the second one.In the begining the cheast splist said surgery is the best option but because of diabetes and kidnies problem surgery could be a high risk so the team of the Drs’. started radiation and chemo.It worked well even Rajeev Gandhi cancer Hospital took PET scan and roport “there is no any active disease in the body” but 2 months later I got cough, got a CT scan and found  ‘ it re occured’ than 2nd line treatment began from last may.
Now ,some time I think I should stop this kind of length and expensive treatment but altimately the surviving desire tempted to go on by hook or crook. Now feel I may not die for next 8.10 years.I feel fresh, strong and happy but when I get frustrating cough slightly mixed w/ blood in sputum all my energy and spirits go down. Estai chha jiban.
Friend if there R some Drs. nice to take advice for further treatment. More in the next. Wish U all the Best.
Best regard

Indra dai