Indra Dai Update

Here are some posts to update on Indra Dai – one from Indra and one from Darlene Foote (N’171).

Indra writes:

Hope u R doing wel. I am O K. I got back to KTM from Chitawan after my second chmo theraoy. I feel much better after this. I am fresh, with high spirit of energy though the chemo is very painfull to bear but Ke garne? I have to bear it.My 3rd cycle of chemo is on the last week of AshaD, July 9th.Many thanke for your sincere help.Please convey my heartfelt thankfulness to all the friends who R helping for my treatment.I am very greatful to them.Wiash U all the best. Thank U.
Best regards
Indra dai
Darlene Adds:
I saw Indra-daai last Sunday with Anar. He looks good and is his regular joking, cheerful self. He very directly says, if it wasn’t for support of former PC staff and FON, he would not be here now. He just did not have the resources for the treatment he needed then. This week he went down to Chitwan to meet with the doctor and get some additional treatment. I can’t tell you what the treatment was, but he just sent me an email that he’s back – too hot these days to spend too much time there.