Program at Mike’s Breakfast

Indigo Gallery invites you to our evening program:


A presentation by Team leader David Irwin

AT:                Indigo Gallery

WHEN:           Friday February 5th

TIME:             6:30pm


The number of vehicles in Kathmandu Valley has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. In 1990 it was 150,000. Today it is 3 times more, at 450,000, of which 74% are motorcycles.

How will it be when  these riders invest in the Tata Nano ? Roads are narrow and land is very expensive. Expanding the road network is not the solution, at least not one that is sustainable.

In October of last year, the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, with the support of the Asian Development Bank, commenced a study to resolve the increasing traffic problem within Kathman du.

The study will determine various initiatives that may be subsequently included in an ADB project with funds amounting to US$ 20 million, with a further US$ 3million from the Global Environment Facility.

The study is for six months. At this half-way stage initial recommendations have been prepared and presented to the government, the ADB and all sections of society through a series of consultations. As part of the consultation programe both foreigners and Nepali’s are invited to participate with ideas and suggestions and will be welcomed to make those suggestions at this program.

MANAKAMANA SCHOOLARSHIPS CALENDAR (with award winning Kevin Bubriski’s Photographs)
2010 ENGLISH – NEPALI – TIBETAN DATES (Including holidays, new/full moons and religious holidays, a MUST FOR NEPAL!)

Since 1990, the Manakamana Women’s Scholarship Fund has been helping
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