Nepali Art Program at Art Museum In NY – March RPCVs Needed

I have been working at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art in NYC for more than two years now. And I am extremely excited to say that we are opening in March our first-ever exhibition devoted solely to Nepali art! (And when I say “Nepali art” in this context, I am specifically referring to art made by members of Newar communities from the Valley.)

 We are hoping to initiate a program which will take place on Friday evenings during the exhibit (mid-March through mid-October) in which RPCVs from Nepal will come to the museum and share on the gallery floor stories from their time in Peace Corps. Ideally, they will find a work of art on display that they respond to and to which they can connect their story. (Such as an incredible sculpture of Durga relating to a story of a Dashain celebration or a sculpture of Indra relating to a glimpse of the Kumari during Indra Jatra or something.)  

I am trying to come up with a list of approximately 25 RPCVs that could be potential participants in this program. It is my goal, however, to diversify the community as much as possible, especially with regards to time and location of service. I thought of the FoN organization as a fantastic resource that might be able to put me in contact with RPCVs from different times. I know a number of volunteers from 2000 on, but I am hoping to locate more from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Any information, names, or leads provided will be tremendously appreciated! It would also help serve us all better if they live in the NYC area. (Oh, and I should also add that all participants will receive a year’s free membership to the museum as a token of appreciation.) Thank you so much for your time! And Happy New Year to one and all! Sincerely, Adam SwartRPCV N/193.

Adam Swart
Gallery Guide, Education Department
Rubin Museum of Art