Himalayan Healers Update

Namaste everyone! Thought I would send out an invite to interested parties to refer potential student candidates for our second Himalayan Healer’s training, to begin Mid-November.
This training will require 10 female candidates. Candidates of difficult backgrounds and needs in particular are encouraged, however we have an open admissions policy so that we can bring people together rather than build walls.
Strong interest in healing and massage therapy, outgoing, confident are essential, as well as basic English skills.
If you know of any candidates you would like to recommend, please refer them to our office at: 2090641, and ask that they also mention your name so that we can make that connection. If possible, it would be good to have a joint interview with both you and your candidate at our office.
Also, if you, your office, your group of friends are interested in helping student candidates of extreme need, a complete 550 hour training (best in Nepal!) requires a 50,000 rupee ($700) commitment, which can be paid in 4 monthly installments.
We already have work arranged in Nepal at our 2 locations, to be expanded in to a third by December, with our fourth and fifth next Spring. These jobs alone will pay student graduates around 10,000 per month, so that a repayment if your investments in each student’s future is achievable within the first year.
Several positions are also available overseas, however the spa directors of those locations will visit Nepal, interview our students, and make independent selections. Need I say that these work positions overseas would significantly change our student’s lives for the better?
If you and your colleagues have a student candidate in mind, a 50,000 rupee investment in 1 person’s life can provide a dramatic change for the better.
Our first focus is upon healing the individual, particularly those of extreme backgrounds.
Providing a financially viable option for independence and growth come after that, but are also equally important, and already being achieved: our 2 locations inside Hotel Ambassador and Club Himalaya already self-sustain, pay our people very well, and are generating a profit (which is being set aside for our land purchase and healing arts school construction next year).
Please write back to me at your earliest convenience if you have questions, ideas, or answers. J
Health, Happiness, and Peace,