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Help preserve biodiversity and local knowledge in Nepal

Nepal RPCV and Friend of Nepal extraordinaire Rajeev Goyal (N-193) is appealing for support from the Friends of Nepal community on behalf of the nonprofit he co-founded, Kanchenjunga Tappu Koshi Biodiversity Education Land Trust (KTK-Belt), where he currently serves as environmental director. KTK-Belt is a platform for farmers, teachers, designers and environmentalists working together

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Educate the Children Request

Request from Barbara Butterworth & Mike Gill Educate the Children (ETC) assists low-caste Nepalese women to build skills to improve the future for themselves, their children, and their community. ETC has assisted thousands of Nepalese women over the years to learn to read and write, has provided scholarships to participants’

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Himalayan Healers Update

Namaste everyone! Thought I would send out an invite to interested parties to refer potential student candidates for our second Himalayan Healer’s training, to begin Mid-November.   This training will require 10 female candidates. Candidates of difficult backgrounds and needs in particular are encouraged, however we have an open admissions

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