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Anyone who wants to be a friend of Nepal is welcome and encouraged to join! Most of our members are Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Nepal, former Peace Corps Nepal staff, academics, or others who have spent considerable time in Nepal.

Nearly 100 percent of your Membership Fee goes to fund grassroots, local, Nepali-led community development efforts, often in parts of the country that are overlooked by the large development agencies. Our strength is in our experience in and connections to small towns and villages all over the country.

All administrative and other tasks associated with operating Friends of Nepal are accomplished by our pro bono Board Members.

A year’s membership is $15.00. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers can also join through the National Peace Corps Association and choose Friends of Nepal as your affiliate. And there is no NPCA membership fee, nor are you required to join the NPCA. Recently returned Volunteers join FoN for free until they can afford membership!


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