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Covid Relief Special Appeal

As we struggle to cope with the disruptive and deadly COVID-19 virus in the United States, Nepal faces the amplified effects of the virus, which are affecting lives and livelihoods across the country, including its rural, remote villages. Exacerbating the effects of the global pandemic on poverty rates, unemployment, education, and health in Nepal are:

  • the exceptionally heavy 2020 monsoon rains causing extensive landslides and flooding,
  • the population pressure of nearly 30 million people (some of us remember when it was  nearly 10 million during our PC service!), many of whom have fled urban areas to the perceived safety of their home villages and ,the return of thousands of Nepali workers from the Middle East – now without work, and
  • Lack of medical testing and treatment facilities to detect and treat COVID-19 and so importantly, PPE and practices.

Friends of Nepal would like to respond to the urgent COVID-19 crisis in Nepal by issuing an additional round of grant funding. Your donations go directly to the local NGOs with whom we work - NGOs staffed locally by Nepalis seeking to alleviate the health, safety, and welfare of their own people.

Without access to the basic services that you and I take for granted, Nepalis' lives are further jeopardized by the virus. Some communities have resorted to hand-washing stations supplied with ash in the absence of soap. Other communities are dealing with the closure of schools by broadcasting lessons to school children over the radio. We will seek to fund projects that focus on delivering basic services and developing sanitation facilities to “town and gaon”—including clean functioning toilets, safe drinking water, hand washing stations, and access to food and fuel.

With your donation, we can provide much-needed funding to well-established non-profit community partners working in Nepal, serving areas that are most affected by COVID-19


Click Here to Donate to the Covid Relief Special Appeal