Direct palace rule has failed in every regard: US

The government of the United States has said King Gyanendra’s decision fourteen months ago to impose direct palace rule in Nepal has failed in every regard.

In a statement issued on Monday, spokesman of the US Department of State, Seam Mc Cormack, said, “The demonstrations, deaths, arrests, and Maoist attacks in the past few days have shown there is more insecurity, not less.”

The US has also renewed its call upon the Nepali monarch to restore democracy immediately and to begin a dialogue with the country’s constitutional political parties.

“It is time the King recognizes that this is the best way to deal with the Maoist insurgency and to return peace and prosperity to Nepal,” the spokesperson said.

He further said that the King’s continuing failure to bring the parties back into a process to restore democracy has compounded the problem.

Earlier, when asked by CNN what was his message to the Nepal king last week, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard A. Boucher, said, “My message is restore democracy.” “The message is very clear. We all need to deliver it and the king needs to listen,” he added.

He further said the international community had many steps to support political parties for the purpose. He also refuted reports that the US was going to restore arms supply to Nepal.

Together with India and the UK, the US has been stalling its military assistance to Nepal following the February 1 royal takeover of last year, terming the move as a setback to democracy.

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Laurie Vasily