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Direct palace rule has failed in every regard: US

The government of the United States has said King Gyanendra’s decision fourteen months ago to impose direct palace rule in Nepal has failed in every regard. In a statement issued on Monday, spokesman of the US Department of State, Seam Mc Cormack, said, “The demonstrations, deaths, arrests, and Maoist attacks

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US could restore arms supplies to Nepal

In a move that is likely to make India angry, the US is moving quickly to restore military supplies to the Himalayan kingdom, a news report said on Wednesday. The Daily News and Analysis (– an Indian news portal – quoted unnamed government sources of India as saying that the

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February 1, 2006 King’s Proclamation to the Nation

Beloved Countrymen, It is now a year since the decision was taken to restore law and order and activate the multiparty democratic polity in the country in keeping with the nation’s needs and the people’s aspirations. Arresting a situation that was slipping into anarchy and reactivating a stalled democratic process

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