Thank you from Former Peace Corps Employees

Friends of Nepal received the following note from Shivaji Upadhyay on February 1st.

Dear Friends of Nepal,
On behalf of the Former Peace Corps Employees Committee Nepal, let me sincerely thank you all for all your strongest support since the day Peace Corps Programs were announced suspended in September 2004.

Your immediate and initial support by providing financial support of more than .5 million Rs. for the welfare of the Nepali staff was not only overwhelming to us all but equally it made us all feel that we were not alone. It proved our working together, support to each other and friendship was one of the tightest bond Peace Corps Nepal helped create over the times.

We want you all to know that with your token of financial contribution, we were able to provide financial support to the neediest of the needy staffs or their family members in the areas of medical, vocational training and education. This was possible out of the returns from the fixed deposit account we established from all your contribution. In an average, we collected about Rs. 35000/year from the deposit. Multiplied by 7 years, it comes out to 2,45, 000/- out of which we continue to support our colleagues further.

In addition, your further assistance to Tika Karki and Indra Akela made us encouraged to contribute voluntarily to support them. our dearest colleagues , Indra Akela and Birju Nepali, who are going through serious medical problems, continue to get further support by our colleagues and Nepal RPCVs.

Your love and affection to Nepal, Nepali friends and families and strong desire to see Peace Corps Programs back in Nepal is immeasurable. Some of you continued bringing your projects and programs for Nepali community groups in rural and or semi-urban areas and some of you continue to support individually. The current example of this is the computer education and income generation project through wireless in the western hill districts.

We are very fortunate to see your continued tireless efforts and campaigns to bring back Peace Corps in Nepal, which was one of the key factors that made it possible.

We salute all of you, Friends of Nepal, especially Aaron Rome and Rajeev Goyal, who must have spent major chunk of their time to raise the awareness and keep the momentum alive throughout these years.

FYI, I have thoroughly enjoyed working together with you all and with my colleagues of the FPCNEC. As I am unable to actively participate in FPCNEC activities in Nepal, I have resigned from the Chairmanship from today. My support, however will continue.

Thank you Friends of Nepal, tapaainharulaai murikaa muri dhanyabaad ani haardik shbhkaamanaa!

Shivaji Upadhyay
Austin, Texas