Support for Peace Corps Nepal

1) We are still accepting items for silent auction to be held at the Embassy event on Saturday the 24th.  Please contact Lucy if you have anything to donate:

2) Really important – we are on the cusp of getting the final approval for PC to back to Nepal.  It mostly hinges on the budget… If the budget is achieved then Peace Corps has to make the final decision to re-open the program, vs. other programmatic priorities.

Rajeev suggested we lobby Rep Crenshaw of FL who is the powerful House Appropriations Committee and is also the chair of the Nepal caucus.  Here is a link to a sample letter:

The other person to write is Aaron Williams (PC DIrector). So please ask in the evite for folks to either bring 1 or 2 letters or send to me

What would be very helpful is if RPCVs from Nepal can write a letter or two, sign it and email it to me as an attachment or fax to 978-747-0490.  Please send letters to me by Friday September 23 at 11am if possible. Rajeev is going to hand deliver the letters.  If you get to me later than that we can still deliver the letter but will not have the same impact as if we turn them all in together.