Free Madhu + Campaign Update

Within the past week there has been a great effort to free Madhu and the other professionals arrested alongside him. We will be posting daily updates on the situation in this space.

To the extent possible, we want to coordinate our efforts. Here is a summary of actions to date:

1) Shivaji is following up with human rights organizations in Nepal to alert them to the detainees’ status and to coordinate efforts in Nepal. If you are in Nepal and want to help, please contact Shivaji at

2) A RPCV currently in Nepal will be attempting to check the status of the detainees as soon as possible.

3) We are working to contact Ambassador Moriarty as well as several congressmen we have relationships with to apply pressure to the Nepali Government to free the detainees.

4) A global petition has just been started by a RPCV calling for the immediate release of doctors and health professionals being detained in Nepal. Please sign and pass along the link: SIGN PETITION

5) An RPCV has initiated a letter writing campaign to the Nepali Embassy in the US on behalf of Madhu and the detainees. Contact info for the embassy:

The Royal Nepalese Embassy
2131 Leroy Place, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: 202 667 4550, Fax: 202 667 5534

Here is a sample letter

6) A RPCV is getting the Comittee on Human Rights from the National Academies to help advocate for Madhu and the other professionals.