Call for Applications for Earthquake Relief Projects

Friends of Nepal (FoN) is opening its application period for the final round of earthquake relief funding. Up to $15,000 is available for projects that have a large impact in areas directly affected by the May 2015 quake. Funds are not available for general program support. Proposals that address health/sanitation, education, livelihoods, and redevelopment are encouraged. Applicants must be sponsored by a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) from Nepal. The proposal must be submitted jointly with a signed cover letter from the RPCV and the organization’s executive or board chair. 
FoN is accepting two-page proposals until 9 November 2015 that address the application review criteria below. Please include a short paragraph about your organization and its track record in project development in Nepal, and a project budget. If other funding sources have committed financial support, please mention that in your narrative.
Review Criteria:
  1. Direct and positive impact on Nepali people
  2. Contribution and support from local community
  3. Project details
  4. Potential to expand or replicate project in other communities
  5. Prior experience or competency in project development
FoN expects to receive several qualified applications and may choose to fund several projects at partial levels. If your project can be successful with partial funding from FoN, please detail which components of the project would receive FoN funding. 
If you have questions or wish to run an idea by us prior to submitting an application, you can reach us at
Thank you for all you do for Nepal. We look forward to hearing from you.