Nepal Comedian Takes On Donald Trump

Nepali comedian Manoj Gajurel received threats for impersonating the king when the small Himalayan country was still ruled by a Hindu monarchy. Today he is taking aim at another powerful figure, US President Donald Trump. To read more click on the link below:

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Nepal Calls Nov. 26 General Election

Nepal will hold a general election on Nov. 26, the government said on Monday, hoping to conclude a turbulent journey to democracy a decade after a civil war and the abolition of its 239-year-old monarchy. To read further, please click on the link below:

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Devastating landslide in Rasuwa

A note from the Dolma Foundation: Last week a sudden landslide crushed Laharepauwa village in Rasuwa district. It buried 14 houses, killed 5, and displaced ~200. Not since the earthquake has Dolma run such a campaign. We know many of those affected and the survivors need our help for emergency supplies

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