2017 Applications


Let Girls Learn Initiative: grants supporting girls’ education

Call for Applications

Friends of Nepal is opening a grant application period and will be accepting proposals for projects that support girls’ education. Friends of Nepal expects to award up to $20,000 in grants ranging from $4000-$7000 each. Applications must be submitted by email no later than 9pm EST on August 30th. Applicants must use the Friends of Nepal application found here. In addition, please provide a short project summary in which you detail your organisation’s track record in project development in Nepal.

All applications must be sponsored* by an RPCV or former PC staff member. RPCVs from any country, not just Nepal, can sponsor an organization, provided that the RPCV is (or becomes) a FoN member and the RPCV can show a connection to Nepal (e.g. works in Nepal) or the applicant organization.  The sponsor must have a  relationship with the organization and must submit a recommendation letter for the project. The sponsor may be asked to provide FoN with updates on the project.


Application Process

The following process will be used to select the project:

  • A short project summary as a cover letter will be required of all applicants
  • A completed application is required
  • The projects committee will review the applications, and contact applicants and sponsors as needed.
  • Projects will be selected by late September 2017.


Let Girls Learn Project Criteria

While not requiring that applications conform to all the criteria listed below, the following are areas that the project committee will consider as important when reviewing a proposed project:

  • It is of broad benefit to the community as opposed to a small group or individual
  • It is capable of sustaining itself over time after initial funding
  • It is recognized as being needed by the community it involves and is actively supported by the community
  • It is a prototype with a future potential to expand and develop in ways that continue to benefit the community.
  • It engages girls
  • It will give particular importance to helping people in greatest need
  • It is a stand-alone project, which may at the same time be part of a larger effort already established
  • It will improve girls’ education, health, livelihood, social status, or economic potential.


Selected Proposals

Selected projects will be required to submit interim and final reports, along with photos and a project budget. Full reporting requirements will be provided along with notification of the award.



For any questions, please email Project Committee Chair, Val Stori at valstori@yahoo.com


*Note: Sponsorship requirements were changed on August 20, 2017 to include not just Nepal RPCVs but RPCVs from any country.