Update from Nepal on the Legacy Project

Mahabir Pun, who runs the Nepal Wireless Networking Project and has been implementing our Legacy Project in Nepal, has sent us the following update.


Namaste all,

Almost all of the technical set up work and training for the villagers, school teachers, and students are complete now. The training in Keshavtar is also finished. We will need to do one more refresher training probably after three month for the villagers. Then there will be another round of training after six months.

We have also connected and set up computer with webcam at the clinic in Keshavtar and Shikha for tele-medicine. We have provided the health workers some training on using the conferencing system using the computer and they have been in touch with the doctors in Kathmandu Model Hospital for consultation.

One thing we are waiting for now is the video conferencing equipment that is being donated by Polycom Ltd. UK. They are donating around 20 video conferencing equipment for telemedicine and tele-teaching program. Once we get the equipment we will put one in Keshavtar and the other in Shikha clinic. We will provide necessary training for the health workers in Shikha and Keshavtar on how to use the new video conferencing equipment. The equipment will help the  doctors and health worker communicate much better way. I have attached the information of the video conferencing system we are getting as donation from Polycom. We are getting Polycom HDX4002. This is a good equipment and very expensive too. We will install them within a month.

Whatever money you will be able to raise, we will use the to buy equipment to connect more villages around Keshavtar. I have gotten request from few villages to connect their schools too.

We will put a sign in Shikha and Keshavtar recognizing the contribution of FON.  It will be a sign on brass plate and will be put in Shikha. We can print the plate in Kathmandu.


Mahabir Pun