Tika Karki Update

From Suarav Karki:


As I mentioned earlier, Tika was admitted to the Inova Fairfax Hospital last Sunday (9/23). He did not have the pre-scheduled fourth chemotherapy treatment because of low white blood cells (WBC) count. He was given some shots to increase the WBC count but it did not work. He was feeling very weak from difficulty swallowing food and diarrhea. As a result, he was admitted to the Hospital, where he as been monitored and given IV fluids. Last Thursday, he had a feeding tube put in his stomach to help him eat better and gain strength. Now the diarrhea is under control and he is eating little better as well. He is expected to stay here for few more days but we do know when he is going to be discharged. He is feeling slightly better but generally feeling weak with nausea. The CT scan showed that the last chemotherapy treatment did not help. And the next plan is to get him nutrition and once he is feeling better to start him on a different chemotherapy regimen. When he has strength, he talks to friends on the phone and reads a little. He wants to get better and continue to work on the second edition of the dictionary.