PCN Staff Fund Update

Thanks to the generosity of over 100 RPCVs we raised over $8,000 in November and December 2004 for the PCN Nepali Staff. They have formed a committee and recently had a meeting with 45 attendees to discuss how to use the fund. They have decided to form an organization and start an endowment in Nepal. Each year the interest will be available to be used by the children and families of the PCN staff for educational, health-related or job-training activitites. This is something we should all feel good about! Here is the correspondece we recently received from Shivaji Upadhaya:

namaste Saathiharu,

Greetings from Kathmandu. I hope that all is well with you and rest of our Friends of Nepal members.

FYI, under the coordination of Shivaji Upadhyay, 45 former PC/N staff met last Saturday March 12, 2005 at Mike’s Breakfast from 3 to 5 PM in order to utilize the contributions to be made by Friends of Nepal in USA and Rs. 46450/- that were handed over to Shivaji Upadhyay by Mr. Michael Gill in the previous week. This amount would be included in the contribution by FON.

Following decisions were made:

I) The name of the organization will be “Former PC/N Staff Assistance Committee”.
II) The objective of the committee would be to open a fixed deposit account in a bank and use the interest amount accumulated yearly for the following purposes:
– To award scholarships to any family member of the committee member,
– To award scholarships for any skill training to any family member of the committee member, and
– To provide financial assistance for treatment any family member of the committee member.

III) The Committee would have two general assembly per year. Additional meetings can be called any time by the Executive Committee.

IV) A five member Executive Committee has been formed for two years:
– Coordinator: Mr. Shivaji Upadhyay
– Member: Mrs. Dawa Thapa
– Member: Mr. Dinesh Karki
– Member: Mrs. Pomphy Limbu
– Member:Mr. Damber Tembe.

V) The Executive Committee would decide three from the five member committee in order to execute bank accounts.

Tea and cookies were served at the end using the cost Rs. 4000/- donated by former Administrative Officer Megan Fitzerald before leaving Nepal for PC/Maldova. Thank you Megan.

RPCV George Fowler also attended the meeting.

Now, we would be working with a local bank to open a fixed deposit account. We would let you know. We would like to ask you to coordinate sending the money via Michael Gill prior to his leaving in June 05, with Mikeji’s consent. This would ease out the process.

Thank you and would be waiting to hear from you and Friends of Nepal in USA. namaste.

Shivaji Upadhyay
Former PC/N Staff Assistance Committee