New Operating Rooms for Patan Hospital

Thousands of people were injured by falling bricks and walls in the earthquake, and many require surgery to repair their battered bodies. Although the operating rooms at Patan Hospital have been running at capacity since the earthquake, they have been unable to keep up with the need. Worse, the backlog is growing, not shrinking, because Patan Hospital has begun to receive patients airlifted into the Kathmandu valley from outlying areas. 

In the past 11 days, Patan Hospital has treated nearly 1600 earthquake victims. Below is the statistics of the earthquake disaster victims as of 05 May 2015, Tuesday:

Victims brought to Patan Hospital – 1575
Admitted patients ———————- 160
Discharged patients ——————— 38
Expires ————————————- 57
Major operations ———————– 100
Minor operations ————————- 22

Patan Hospital contacted Friends of Nepal late on May 5 to give us these stats, and also to tell us that they could have done better. They had both the human resources and the space to operate; what they lacked was the supplies.”Had we had the adequate budget,” wrote Patan Hospital Communications Officer Archana Shrestha, “we could have provided our service more smoothly to both the disaster victims as well as our regular patients. Thus we are in dire need of these [surgical] equipments for the treatment of the victims.” The money that people around the world donated to Friends of Nepal will go towards outfitting and opening two new operating theaters and a surgical ICU. Patan Hospital has already begun procuring supplies such as anesthesia machines, operating table lights, ventilators, monitors, portable X-ray machines, patient trolleys, surgical instruments, ECG machines, and defibrillators. They hope to open the new rooms within days.