Fallen RPCVs

Fellow Nepal RPCVs,

There has been some discussion on the RPCV leaders’ listserv recently about a website that was started several years ago to honor PCVs who died while serving (http://www.fpcv.org/fallen_pcvs.htm). Some of the stories about the PCVs there are very moving.  I noticed that there are several Nepal PCVs on the list, but unlike some of the PCVs who served in other countries, none of the Nepal PCV entries currently include a bio:

  • Bruce McKeen Nepal 1964
  • Thomas Hassett Nepal 1966
  • Robert Weland Nepal 1966
  • Philip Cyr Nepal 1981
  • Marshal Haggard Nepal 1981
  • William Schaffer Nepal 1984
  • William Nordmann Nepal 1992

Did any of you serve with these PCVs?  I wonder if there are people on the FoN list who could share some memories or photos of these PCVs on the http://www.fpcv.org/fallen_pcvs.htm website?  If so, consider sending a message to webmaster@fpcv.org , and post a link on the FoN blog, too.  This seems like a great way to honor our fellow Nepal PCVs.


Nepal ’91-’93