Educate the Children Request

Request from Barbara Butterworth & Mike Gill

Educate the Children (ETC) assists low-caste Nepalese women to build skills to improve the future for themselves, their children, and their community. ETC has assisted thousands of Nepalese women over the years to learn to read and write, has provided scholarships to participants’ children, taught the women to plant kitchen gardens with nutritious crops for their families, started micro-credit groups, and helped the women to make money. ETC works for six years in a particular area, until the women can sustain their families’ education and food needs.

Currently working in Dolakha (northeast of Kathmandu), ETC has formed 42 women’s groups, comprised of 832 women. Now in the third year in Dolakha, the women have learned to read and write, they all have planted and care for their kitchen gardens, their children are in school, and now they are ready to start their micro-savings and loan programs.

ETC will provide women with micro loans, continuing literacy, health and legal classes, numeracy and record-keeping instruction, agriculture training and supplies, husbandry training (goats, buffalo, cows and chickens), and small business/retail training.

ETC has been chosen by Global Giving to be posted on its website, which helps small international non profits raise awareness and funds. Please see Educate the children on Facebook; see the website, and see the to assist ETC in its September challenge to raise funds through Global Giving.

Several RPCVs from Nepal are or have been active with ETC: Beth Prentice (Nepal 8), Mel Goldman (Nepal 8), Barbara Butterworth (Nepal 7) and Nancy Hatch (Nepal 8); and former Nepal Peace Corps Country Director Donovan Russell.

See this flier for more info: