Community Forestry

Having had over 6 years working in development in Nepal with PC and UNDP there are two areas where I think FON could have the most impact, 1) The national (decentralized) Community Forestry development program of the Forestry Dept which is having considerable success throughout the hills with the support of official aid doners and NGOs; and 2) more importantly, the decentralized, people centered, participatory district development program, stared in the 1980’s and now operating in at least 30 districts, with cooperation/support from the UN and other NGOs. The latter program is crucial now and is still underway at the grassroots level in spite of Govt suppression and the Maoist insurection which has remained friendly to this effort for the betterment of the people.

Please get in touch with me for further details as I was instrumental in starting both of these programs and have information about them. There is also valuable info on the web site including a “Best Practices” case study, since UNDP considers the Nepal decentralization program to be model which has been replicated elsewhere in Asia and Africa.

Best wishes, Andy Geair, Nepal 3, Leesburg, VA, 703-443-0715