Did the humanitarian response to the Nepal Earthquake ensure no one was left behind? A case study on the experience of marginalised groups in humanitarian action

from Save the Children Published on 31 Mar 2016 Download PDF (1.45 MB) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In April and May 2015, two large-scale earthquakes struck Nepal, killing almost 9,000 people, damaging over half a million houses and displacing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. Natural hazards are indiscriminate: earthquakes

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Click-to-Call Campaign urging Congress to support $60 billion for the International Affairs budget.

#ProtectPeaceCorps with Two Immediate Actions This week National Peace Corps Association is partnering with the United States Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) and its partners to urge Congress to support $60 billion for the International Affairs budget, which includes Peace Corps. Aligning our efforts with these partners provides us an unprecedented opportunity

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Open Letter from over 2600 RPCVs to President Trump

More than 2600 RPCVs from countries around the world signed a letter to President Trump affirming the Peace Corps values of respecting and learning about people and cultures different from our own, engaging in open and inclusive dialogue, and developing trust with local counterparts. The letter is no longer accepting signatures,

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Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

For more than a decade and a half, a small group of RPCVs, mostly located in the Portland area, have been working on developing a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience, devoted to sharing the Peace Corps experience with the larger American public. The goal is to serve the Third

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October 2016 newsletter

The October 2016 FoN newsletter is available here! In it, you’ll find the list of new board members, a review of Mike Frame’s book, and a summary of our 2015 finances.

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