Bhatanese Refugee Arrivals – 2010 USA Data

Thanks to Doug Hall for getting this information. Here is the most up to date data regarding where the Bhutanese Refugees are arriving in the United States and in what numbers.

Doug also writes:
I recently requested and received an update to the number of Bhutanese
refugees who have been resettled in various cities and communities
around the US. The US State Department provided this data, current
through June 7, 2010.

Note that there is a total column and a column for each federal fiscal
year (October 1 – September 30).

I should point out that these locations are the community where the
State Department records indicated the refugees were first to be
settled. Sometimes resettlement agencies cannot find housing in that
city or town and actually locate the refugees in a neighboring town.
Also, some refugees who arrived in 2008 may have moved from one city to
another to be closer to other family members, etc. So these figures
should be taken only as strong indication of current location, but it is
NOT a census of where people are actually living today.

Note that 27,580 have been admitted, not quite half of the total of
60,000 that the US has committed to bring into the country.

The largest single number is Denver with 991.

While Hartford CT has received only 21 and Boston only 120, tiny Concord
NH has received 553.

Some states have received none: Alabama, Maine, Mississippi, Wyoming,
for example.

This may be helpful for recruting volunteers who would like to help in
the resettlement process.