100 House Parties to Support Doubling Peace Corps

There is an effort underway, led by Nepal RPCV Rajeev Goyal, to double the Peace Corps budget by 2010. I think this is something we all support.

Some info below including locations of 100 House Parties all over the world -the first stage of the campaign. One of the parties is being hosted by RPCV Mike Gill in New York state.

— Aaron

Starting on September 6, 2008, the MorePeaceCorps.org campaign will be hosting 100 House Parties in all 50 states and 10 countries around the world to build support for doubling the size of the Peace Corps. With parties springing up in places like Santiago and Micronesia, what was originally billed as a domestic campaign has become a global phenomenon. MorePeaceCorps will even be holding a party in Kabul, hosted by a former Peace Corps volunteer who is now head of the Save the Children program in Afghanistan. MorePeaceCorps was launched in 2008 by the National Peace Corps Association to call for a bigger, better and bolder Peace Corps – one that is doubled in size by 2011, the 50th anniversary of the founding of Peace Corps.

List of House Parties

From Mike Gill

I write today to let you know that my wife Barbara Butterworth (Nepal
7) and I will be hosting a More Peace Corps House Party from 4-8 pm at
our home in Cutchogue, Long Island NY on Saturday, September 6, 2008.

As you no doubt know, the More Peace Corps campaign is an effort
sponsored by the National Peace Corps Association and headed up by
former Nepal Volunteer Rajeev Goyal (Nepal 2001-03). The goal is to
build public and congressional support to double the size of the Peace
Corps budget and the number of serving PCVs by the organization’s 50th
anniversary in 2011.

Any assistance FON can give in publicizing this event will be greatly
appreciated. Our address is 12030 New Suffolk Avenue, Cutchogue, NY
11935. We’re located on the shores of the beautiful Great Peconic Bay,
near the eastern end of Long Island, about 2 hours east of NYC. We’d
love to see as many Nepal PCVs as possible at our gathering. We can’t
promise dal bhat for all, but I’ll bet that the food will be tasty

Best Regards, Mike Gill (Nepal 12)